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Written by Nu Era

Music Production: Jesse Lee Bowens


I feel a lot of folk be Feenin a switch, They hear the same loop same style same pitch. Same hook, same line, same trick. Slap on this ointment to get rid of your itch.


My name be preach but I’m not your pastor. It be my beat and my rhyme that you after. So pump your brakes Nu Era getting faster. And when we pull ahead of you you’re going to hear laughter.


We bring the heat to your kitchen and turn you cats to kittens. And no rhyme we spittin is plagialristicly written. It’s all right to borrow if it’s cleverly done. But steal from my crew I run get my gun.


Y’all talk about the girl you drilling and all the blood you spillin. And all the Bros you killing bodies reaching the ceiling. You cop Glock’s and shots fly like pop rocks. Another mother’s child’s hit, I thought you said you never miss?



We went from Afro puffs to those hustler cuts hip-hop‘s next level give it time to adjust. You see the industry’s shook that’s why it changed so much.

And music with class blew away in the dust.


We went from soulful sounds to this Thugged Out stuff. Got brothers putting in work and never came up. No respect for our women so we called them slut. We got them shaking their butts labeled “video smut.”


So I think it’s about time that we change things up. How long will it last? I’m ashamed of us. Don’t you dare blame the man because the music’s corrupt.

You need to change rearrange? You can call on us.


About time to make a switch put the critic‘s to hush. Got the sound that you need give your ears a rush. Move your body to the groove and turn your speakers up. We known around the world my people loving us.




Been around the world and I, yi, yi!

I can’t find no groove.

And I don’t know where I don’t know why.


I feel a lot of folk be feenin’ the switch.


Been around the world and I, yi, yi!

I can’t find no groove.

And I don’t know where I don’t know why.


Slap on our ointment to get rid of your itch.


Yo? Who you calling bitch?

Come at me you minus well slit the wrist.

When you approach you come at your own risk.

I tell you now this is no hit or miss.

I’m just like your daddy when you switched your pitch.

Hit you dead in your mouth and now you got a twitch.

You tried to get jumpy just a little bit.

You tried to flex your muscles just a little bit.

Then you changed your mind just a little bit.

You changed your mind quick when you received the hit.

Acting all Joe flipping your lip.

It’s all good, go on make that trip.

Go on out there by the sycamore tree.

Snap that branch off and give it to me.

I’m a make a switch I’m a make you see.

You about to meet the Almighty.



So just let the sound just marinate while the Preach originate.

We here to rejuvenate.

One move is checkmate.

The music the pedigree.

My style original no grabbing the genitalia my crew original

My people you hearing me?

I know you feeling me?

Amplified to the third degree.

My flow is still Street.

Is it really our profile that you’re mind is in such a daze?

You know it’s real bringing back what we crave.

The beat of the bass drum passed down from field slaves.

We carry the torch high.

True music is still here.

The meek was once lost from true words that disappeared.

Don’t worry too much fam, Nu era will engineer the master plan guaranteed to cause waves.

Up in your mental while we causing brain freeze.

We switching up cuz the games in need so listen up put your mind at ease.



Yeah this crew be tight like stitches.

We keep no snitches taking pictures.

We breaking spells we don’t like witches.

Now you see what type of music this is.

Now go on home go and get your Mrs.

Tell her come on by while you do the dishes.

Got to rub her down I know she itches.

She need to make the switch to rags to riches.


(Background talking and laughing)

“Did I get you? Did I get you? I got you!”





In insanity we keep the peace.

State our claim so unique.

Mental timing m, so absurd!

Steady climbing when vision blurred.

Wrestling men on borrowed time trying to change hearts and minds.

Subtle thoughts, points of view.

What we say is what we do!


(Guitar solo)


Hey let me tell you something man everywhere I go man, everywhere we go man, Everybody saying and complaining that they hearing the same music man, radio, Sound-span, iTunes and everything, playing the same stuff man, regurgitate it, simulated madness, Everybody sipping from the same straw man. I mean I don’t get it, they got no originality man. It’s like something out of the Stepford wives or something. Definitely some tomfoolery going on around here.




Written and performed by Nu Era

Produced by Jesse Lee Bowens Jr.

You will know by the things life shows you, and the ways of time should make you rewind your mind into a newness of thought, premeditated by the actuality of the subtlety of falseness and fiction in its world of power-hungry leaders, only trying to satisfy their appetite of greed and plant the seed of need throughout the world.

And given to their desires while sinking into the mire. Subliminal slavery.  


This be the thing that I see.  Yes, a woman of her early 30's seeing people bend and plead to the degree of losing their identities.   And how sad this song may seem to be, it's an actuality.

Frustrated, aggravated, i'm tired of your lip.  What I have to say has no pun or disrespect intended, but I gotta keep it real.  Now I know times have changed, but I still feel whipped like leather was to back the true fact will never be forgotten.


So I moved on I'm strong with my roots.  I stand firm on my beliefs, hearts tried teary eyes, and I yearn for peace.


Rainy days and stormy nights I pray for the weak.  The price for love a kiss and hug, we lost, so hide and seek.  The price for love, I say again, is costly yet cheap.


Now look both ways, young children raised, from dark roads you've crossed.  Vision hazed, but never fazed hearts bitter chilled like frost.

This is the ignorance that be isolated and interpreted as truth, force-fed to you in your youth.  The notion to be on top is to be schooled in the way of the red, white and blue.  

And through history it's halfway true.  


That's why there is so much vanity and praise given to the leaders of the pack.  Well, you better watch your back, for the truth attack.


 Generations full of mutations of the heart and the mind, who prefer to be rude than to be kind at the expense of our brothers and sisters.  


We used to stand together hand and hand while firehoses sprayed and shot us to the ground.  Have you forgot about the rebound?  


Have you forgot about the soulful sounds we cried in unity when they took our ancestor's history?  Time to rearrange, time for a change, time to stand up for the truth, time to forget the lies of our youth.

I'ma switch it up.  These are times of study, a time where a hater could be your buddy. Forget the lies, drop your old ties.  Naysayers seeking y'all demise, New Era steady on the rise, we was there, we see the evil in their eyes.


The time has come for some, but understand that you can't run, you can't hide, it's gonna get ya.  Cuz in this game you livin' you see the lie that's given, that's bold cold and uncut and unwritten


This be the isolated ignorance, so we hit you with deliverance, every word you heard, make other rhymes absurd, life through me the curve, the man flipped me the bird, but now New Era number one, we not second or third.

A snake in the grass so watch your step or get bitten, here's food for thought so take head to what's spittin, this life I chose man so what coin you flippin?  What's true in the dark "damn" won't always stay hidden.

We like a key to ignition, we like a puzzle that's fitting, I kick a rhyme that's stickin, Haters and fakers are smitten, from every curve we pitchin, My beats be brewed out the kitchen, I see the finger you lickin, New Era funk we be kickin!

Time to symbolically be born again, learn not to depend on the thought that was brought into existence by crooked society. 

Society's priority is to hook you with anxiety.

Time to learn the history of the world.  Time to unfurl the truth, which is the juice.

The juice, with the use cancel verbal abuse which kick you like Bruce.  Lee that is.  


The truth be my business, maybe not to you, or to y'all, but to me it is.

Time to reclaim the peace.

Peace of mind so hard to find.  Subliminal sublime when I write my rhyme.  I'm never doing crime cuz I'm never doin the time.


Time to find the tree of life.  


Written by Nu Era

Music production: Jesse Lee Bowens



Verse 1

We bringin you that thunda before the rain.
Y'all causin' pain.  Y'all attached like a ball and chain.
Y'all all the same.  Greedy. Sponge off the needy.
Then you feed a pipe dream that fall apart at the seams!

We seen it all before new artist breaks down door.
Go from rich to poor cuz the rules you implore.
It's illogical for y'all to get paid off of prodigal.
We more than nominal we more like phenomenal.

This be them days that got you enraged in a haze.
Got you runnin' around in a maze. 
Meant to be a lyrical spiritual retort of sorts.
Deadly like cancer, Y'all still suckin' newports.

This rhyme is in its prime like sign of the time
intoxicating your mind while you sippin' my wine.
Your bent! My words got you inebriated and everything
that I stated is seldom duplicated.

We give you warning from that old skool of rhythm and rhyme.
We in our prime.  We got no time to shuck and jive!
How they gonna rape you?  We took the lube.
And you can't squeeze toothpaste back in the tube.


Verse 2

They suck on your brain with a view of fame.
Keep ya tame while they maintain.
Juicin' your soul while ya empty ya bowl.
Be the role to reach their goal.

Confuse your head while they takin your bread
steady tellin you you're gettin' ahead.
Take a look at the chart, you betta watch ya art
for the thief will part pullin' out your heart.

Them days is here when we reappear.
Take back our souls from the lion's share.
Set free the slaves of our lyrical days 
from the dark haze of big brothers maze.

Song be written, child be born.
T'was the norm, now ya misinformed.
Money, Hungry, Scrappy, Greedy, 
Sneaky, Slimey, Dark and Dungy!


Verse 3

Don't sell your soul for the image they chose.
And riddle me this and who's minds controlled?
Another sad life just overexposed.
So hear the words I speak as the Preach compose!

Remember them days, it makes you wonder. Dammit!
That men got's em blinded and candid like Kodak 
in tact. Cuz of the fact I'm black my 
odds are stacked I'm gettin' richa take a picture... I'm cool.

This black thunder be poundin' them Keeblaz. Damn!
My third eye seen, now I'm a beleiver.
Should I become a Bible or Koran reader?
Murders comin, the theif starts runnin'

Damn I'm a bandit, God gave the commandment.
Separation cause segregation.
Complication the US will be facing.
Torn hearts, dethroned Nation.


Daze! Daze! Daze of Thunder
Pulling you under!

Them Days, Them Days, Daze of thunda!
Pullin' you under!

This be the Mad Scientist of Sound!
(Crazy laughter)

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