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Jesse Bowens

Rare class picture of Jesse in elementary school

A young pianist

Jesse practicing piano as a teen.

Jesse Bowens Sr.

Jesse got a lot of his musical influence from his father.

Jesse Bowens

Jesse Bowens senior and junior

Parris Bowens

Jesse's nephew

Martin and Vesta Williams

Jesse's cousin Martin Blockson has lead the way in producing for top artist like En Vogue, Phillip Bailey, Vesta Williams and many more..

Jesse in elementary

Pictured in elementary school, Jesse and his friend Brett were the only black kids in class. Shortly after this photo, Brett and his family would move out of the area due to the lack of racial diversity.

Caroline Blockson

Jesse's mother as a young teen.

Cleveland life

After moving from Philadelphia, Jesse's family lived in Cleveland Ohio. They later would move to Pennsylvania in the early 70's.

1979 Senior stage band

Listening to his older sister Tracy play saxophone at stage band festivals gave Jesse motivation to pursue the lead drummer position for his senior year.

Willie Radcliffe

Organist for the tent ministry Jesse played in.

Gary Troxell

1980's Music director at Jesse's Senior High School

Senior high marching band 1984

A rare picture of some of the members of the Blazers Marching Band after one of their many performances at halftime.

Daniel Boone 1984 Drum line

Jesse played triples in the drum line for marching band. Here he was patiently waiting for his opportunity to excel to playing the drums in senior stage band.

Scholarship certificate

Award received during one of Jesse's bass solo performances in Senior Stage band.

Berklee college of Music

When receiving his scholarship award, this was the letter received with Jesse's certificate.

Letter of recommendation

An actual photo of the letter of recommendation typed by Mr. Mctammany in behalf of Jesse for enrollment to the Berklee College of music.

Mr. Mctammany

A rare signed photo in 1984 of the new music director who gave Jesse an opportunity to showcase his new talent on bass.

The Frontiersmen senior stage band

Senior stage band ensemble.

Stage band practice

A rare photo of Jesse alongside Chris Kijak in the high school band room while practicing for an upcoming competition.

Senior stage band

A closer picture of the rhythm section.

Stage band performance

A rare picture during a performance at one of the festivals.

Jesse and Chris

Chris Kijak and Jesse both played in the rhythm section in stage band. These two would later form their own Jazz-Rock fusion band in the early-80's named "EKG."

Most artistic award

Throughout his years in junior and senior high, Jesse remained one of the most prominent artist's in his class and received several awards.

A personal note

This was a personal note written in Jesse's yearbook by a friend in stage band that year. A telling description of the adversity he had to go through when changing instruments.

Music Medallion

Received in Senior High School for music accomplishments

Erick Kaufman today #1

Drummer for EKG band in early 80's.

Eric Kaufman (middle)

Today Eric loves trading and collecting old vintage records tapes and albums

Chris Kijak today

Guitarist for EKG

Young Chris (Slop) Heslop

The new edition to the EKG band who played keyboard and saxophone for EKG Band in late 80's

Chris Helsop today #1

Presently Chris Heslop has a life full of smiles while enjoying playing sax for various ensembles and bands

EKG demo tape

The first studio demo tape put out from the young teenage band EKG. (Rare) The master reel to reel has yet to be found.

Junior stage band

Yearbook picture showing a young Ritchie Kotzen

Ritchie Kotzens album

Shortly after high school a young Ritchie Kotzen would release several albums displaying his amazing guitar playing.

The West Street Rockers

The breakdancing squad that the EkG band went up against at the Star Search finals.

Demo releases

Article released at First Fidelity Bank where Jesse worked in the 90's detailing three demo cassettes he completed..

Jesse and Rick Benning

These two would become great friends and often discuss the latest music production techniques.

Circle of Love demo

Jesse's alter ego "Jo Jo Franklin's" 1st demo cassette.

To the wind demo tape

Jo Jo Franklin's 2nd demo cassette released in mid-90's

Omega demo tape

3rd demo tape Omega featuring Jesse's signature logo "Jo Jo Franklin."

4everfriends Jazz fusion band

Flyer of the 4everfriends Jazz fusion bands appearance in local restaurant in Reading area.

Jesse on bass guitar

Jesse played bass guitar for several Jazz bands.

Jesse with Marie Dulne of Zap Mama

Rare picture of Jesse and Marie Dulne in Philly after Zap Mama's concert in 2001.

4everfriends flyer

Flyer handed out at detailing the bands upcoming performances at the Reading Jazz festival

4everfriends article in Jazz fest

Clip in the local newspaper of 4everfriendz upcoming appearance in the Reading Jazz fest

4everfriends Jazz fusion group

Local music magazine featuring 4everfriendz Jazz band who appeared at multiple events at the Reading Jazz Fest. Members included Gordon Johnson, Richard Benning, Vickie Jordan and Jesse

Mike Boone and Jesse Bowens Jr.

Legendary Philly Jazz bassist Mike Boone poses with Jesse Bowens at an awards event in Philadelphia.

Famed Historian Charles Blockson

Jesse's uncle worked his entire life uncovering the roots of African American history. He got a lot of his strength when faced with racism in school by listening and reading his material.

One of thousands of articles

Article about Jesse's famous Uncle. Historian: Charles Leroy Blockson

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