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One Day


Written and performed by Camille Richardson
Music produced and arranged by Jesse Lee Bowens Jr.


1st verse:


Watching from my window see couples strolling in the rain.
All at once I recall all the warmth and laughter every moment of my pain.
The special times that we shared together, I know I will never forget.
They strangely let me know that true love is waiting, I know I'm not ready yet. But..




One, one, one, one day 3x
I'll fall in love again
and feel the resurrection of romance
I'll give my heart to passion
Giving love another chance.


2nd verse:


Putting away foolish dreams and fairy tales I will enter with opened eyes.
With full respect for love's true power, when next I give love a try.
Before I can show true love for another, care for myself I'll have to show.
Giving myself the time to heal my wounds to reclaim the woman I used to know.


Awoo!  Awoo! Awoo! (8 times)

One day

I'll fall in love

One day

I'll fall in love again

One of these days

(sporadic singing)


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