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Let Me Know


Written by Jesse L Bowens

Produced and arranged by Jesse Lee Bowens

Performed and sung by Vickie McLeod

Rap written and performed by Terrance Whitehead and Preacha

1st verse:


How many times do I have to say that..

I love you.

How many ways do I have to show you that..

I need you.

How many days do we fuss and fight always..


You're out of control

So you're about to roll..

But before you do just 

Let me know.


I know you're angry but..

Let me know..


I'm tired of fussin..


If you're out the door then..


2nd verse:


So many days I've read about this..
A thousand words a hundred books on..
People say I'm on a crazy rollercoaster ride..
Now I'm out of control so you're about to roll..
But before you do sugar..


3rd verse:


You're never showing love always pointing out my


The only thing that I need from you is..


But you never even try to make that..


So you say you gotta go so make it so but before you do sugar 

Let me know.




When we first met, I crept, the streets was callin.
Disbelief, together forever? Who's stallin?
What's strong? Prolonged? Whatever you clever?
Not enough but tough any kind of weather?
Some may say "You got it bad girl!"
I had the best thing. Was blessed when you left that ring on the table. A fable. Fictitious but true. So blue. Thoughts of me leaving boo it came true.


The girl Lady V got her name from me.  If you wanna leave..."Go and do it most expeditiously!"  I took the first shot and got played a lot by played out I'm not!  Now, who's hot?  Now I'm living that bachelor.  She ain't even a match for ya.  She told me two's company, threes' a crowd, kept her waiting, three strikes I'm out!


Second Chorus:


You're outta control so you're about to roll, but before you do sugar let me know.
Now I'm outta control cuz you're about to roll but before you do sugar let me know.
So you gotta go so make it so but before you do sugar let me know!



Written by Jesse Lee Bowens

Music produced and arranged by Jesse Lee Bowens

Performed by Vickie Jordan
Performed by Jesse Lee Bowens


1st verse:


Skin so soft as satin..
My love will never end
You're my baby fawn
And I'll kiss you til' dawn
and all because...


2nd verse:


You're fastened in my mind..
and I love the way you shine
And I'm willing as a man
To give you all I can
and all because...


3rd verse:

Erotic kisses down your lobe..

And I feel your sweet caresses

Strokes down your spine

Pull me from my distresses

4th verse:

Let's run with this emotion

Smother with love devotion

On top of you eye to eye

Our pleasure intensifies


5th verse:


Moonrays shown through the window

shine upon your silohette
You glisten in the light
Your words are so right so try it.
and all because..

6th verse:

Your body's looking tight

I just want to give you a little bite on your special place..

Where only I belong..

You know I'm gonna love you all night long.




I love you
I need you

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