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Written and produced by Jesse Bowens Jr.


Performed by Larynce Hamilton and Preacha





I really feel you because you got a little attitude.


And at the same time you smile and show gratitude.


A little longitude will complement my latitude.


I feel equator heat when staring at that peach.


You’re like at Jon I can really settle down with.


Full lips pretty eyes big hips.


You say you want a brother with a little whit?


Well my whit fit thick with words that I spit.


Yeah you thick and all around your hips jeans fit.


Yeah I love it when you dip it low.


I love it when you put on your show.


You got the brothers saying yo.


You got the flavor just like delicious.


Just try me out I’m so nutritious.


I’ll never diss you if you leave I’m going to miss you.


Fall back relax and don’t get suspicious.




Well here’s a little something to a guy named you.


Cause I see you staring here’s what you got to do.


You say you like what you see? Can’t say I blame you.


Practice what you preach and then I’ll be in your reach.




Words just get in the way what more can I say?


Do what you got to do show me you can be true.

With your words.






I know it’s sudden cause the way I’m coming at ya!


But there’s another swarm of brothers trying to catch ya!


But I am a sprinter I’m trying to win that race.


Those other brothers corny while I run up in your face.


Just fall back and act lax I’m willing.


Chilling with the preacher man you get another feeling.


Coast to coast like space ghost I host.


Dark-skinned brother and I fill you with the most.


Yeah you’re beauty make a brother do his duty.


Yeah I’m staring at ya you got a nice booty.


You’re graduated educated and got a kid or two.


Full-time mother working full-time too.


God bless you. Let me caress you.


Let me massage ya, no ménage a Trois.


Nah, just me and you doing all the things that a brother needs to do.




Well I like your style now and the way you move.


But if you’re real about it that’s what you got to prove.


I heard your testimony and I heard you’re plea.


So put it into action if you’re looking at me.



Performed by

Larnyce Hamilton

Music produced and arranged by Jesse Bowens

Co-written by Larnyce Hamilton

Written by Jesse Lee Bowens




The way you address me baby
stimulates my mind
Your sexy foreplay
With words so delicately entwined
You must be a miracle
You bring me to my physical
Verbal interaction
Retains satisfaction




It's your utterance
Undress me with your words


(spoken intro)


You're like fine pomegranate wine
opened before it's time
I yearn to taste the sweetness and your flavor
And to think that for all those years.
I missed out on something so palatable
You'll never be forgettable
And the only regrettable thing that I think of
is that we didn't come to this place sooner
And the precious amount of time that we
And the only thing left for you to do... Is to let me
taste it.





My body temperature rises from your oral confirmation.. Vocal proclamation, preludes our destination.. Take me to a higher ground with your sensual sounds..  Your soft sincerity brings out my sensitivity.  Fulfilling me with your words.


(Spoken outro)


The Preacha's here to blow your mind..

Just at the right time.. Let's get physically entwined cause your my one and only
When I'm feeling lonely.
And when you had a hard day..
You know what to say..
You know you're looking lovely so I'm gonna..
Say it..
Is there any way to say it?
Whisper it softly.
You're my morning coffee. Come on girl you know you got them lips...
All the things that make a brother whipped flip and just trip.

It's your utterance.

I can't sleep
Thinking about you.
I can't eat.
Craving to see you.

(You make me feel so good)

It's your utterance

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