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Written by Sabriya (Lady Cannon) Johnson
Rap performance by Sabriya (Lady Cannon) Johnson

Background Vox Janice

Music produced and arranged by Jesse (Preacha) Bowens Jr.


1st verse:


Mom Dukes told me, take it to the heart like a nigga hit you
Embark like monumental
Spark even when the dark hit you
Cause there's sharks with hearts like icesicles
You won't know unless they bit you
Either you blow or niggas dis' you
The chance of more presidential enhances my mental
You wanna dance? Throw on an instrumental
Leave you in a trance like subliminal
Peep the stance, firm like a general
I burn herbal for minerals
Reached my verbal pinnacle in a circle of criminals
Bangin' doughnuts in a rental Lincoln Continental
with gats and packs stashed by they genitals
Put it on wax and watch for the sentinels
Who got my back in general?
Dig that, watch for the video
Mainstream something terrible
By any means get the cream and stack till it seems unbearable
For the love of my team not fearin' you
For the love of cheese with ease
Nigga please, you gotta eat and ____ your dreams
____ you mean? everything that shine don't gleam
Selling dimes to fiends since my teens
But my money still green
Ya mean?



Simple and plain, for the love of the game, for the love of the change

It's still green and it's still folding
Nigga how much you 'holding'
______ the fame
For the love of the game
For the love of the change
Even thugs need hugs
Even plugs need slugs


"For the love of the struggle"

"For the love of the hustle"

"For the love"

(backward masking)


2nd verse:


For the love of the change of the locks on the range
A love for the blocks from which we came
Rise above the cops and the drug game
Maintain center stage, ___ the fame
When I spark the flame, mark the name
From Market to Main, or charter a plane
Fast lane, Hurricane on the brain
On the verge of insane
Make moves, nothing to lose everything to gain
Pretty soon i'ma cop dem' tools
Let me explain niggas got a short fuse, I ain't make the rules
Even my fam' barking doubts
Man that's the ___ I be talkin about
Taking the list i'm marking you out
_____ blow don't be all Joe runnin your mouth
Cop me a six, park it in the front of my house
Now i'm on route you on the couch roughin it out
Tuff love, you the same nigg always blowin my buzz
Feminine thug
Play the club cuttin the rug
Niggas stearing up in my mug
I'm doing this for the love of because
_____ ain't never gonna go back to the way it was, trust!


3rd verse:


Everytime I dip niggas blowin my hip
In my whip speedballin down 76
ice on the wrist pull over to the shoulder to roll a spliff
3 decibles over for the gift
Nova on the strip, we takin over on the strength that it was meant
my niggas talk vulgar grabbin they dicks
leave you walking with a limp
We don't know you so stop talking that _____
cuz you probably a snitch
I can go from zero to bitch if you don't switch yo pitch
i caught you flinch the 4 5th's  will leave you drenched with an awful stench
Unlawful since the 90's hit
find me bent with burnt finger nail tips
Caught up in the mix of things
Now i'm switching chains glistening rings
______ a price range brothers that hang low
blow dro stack dough until it can't fold no mo
Like what?  blaze the kind bud
I don't think you know cuz I'm blowin an onion in the dungeon
with beats and abundance
Niggas want it, we gonna run it by the 100's
Let it spread like fungus
I'm trying to eat until I bust my stomach
that's why I stay blunted
Straight gun it in downhole
Like the Rock "know ya roll and shut your mouth" Ock
________ drop we gonna blow the spot
I can go gold over beat box!


For the love of the game!

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