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Produced by Jesse Bowens Jr.
Poem written by Ally Matulli
Performed by TRINI
Rap written by Jesse Bowens Jr.
Performed by Preacha
Rhyme 1:
Little Red Riding Hood she’s walking along
running through the forest and singing her song.
Little Bow Peep she just lost her sheep.
Sitting there and all she does is weep.
Sleeping Beauty got lost in her duties
to French a prince, the marriage mints.
And Cinderella she kissed a fella.
Now, no guy wants this Bella.
Keeping it up. Holding it down.
Rolling the dice. It’s spinning around.
That’s how we ride. That’s how we roll.
Okay? 3X
You were my nursery rhyme gone bad.
Now you make me feel so sad.
So sad? But I’m glad!
Here we go round the carousel
In a universe so parallel.
You say I’m pressing you like Barbell?
Got Blue nuts like Smurf! But I’m Gargamel!
When I want that thing you never feeling well.
You cancel me like Dave Chapelle.
I give flattery and no battery.
But you mad cuz I last like Duracell.
Yeah, they say war is hell but our relationship was like Japan.
You keep bombing a brother and you stress me out clean
out of Klonopin.
So I run, run, as fast as I can!
You can’t catch me, I’m not your man.
I stumbled on Sleeping Beauty, and I..
Hit the booty like a tour of duty! “Yes!” 2X
(Line them up and I knocks em down!)
Rhyme 2:
Snow White she’s wearing all black.
Sleeping with Dwarfs and smoking crack!
Jack and Jill strolled up a hill.
Jill took a pill and now she’s ill!
Mary Mary quite contrary.
Grew her garden by touching a Fairy.
Then there’s Rapunzel got hair in her tonsil.
She’s coughing up blood and crying a flood.
Keeping it up. Holding it down.
Rolling the dice. It’s spinning around.
That’s how we ride. That’s how we roll.
Okay? 3X


So sad? But I’m glad!
I’m not John Jacob but every jingle I spit.
After I spit I’m gonna kiss your lips.
"I'm dirty"
When I’m done then another one come.
"I'm pretty"
Take your breath away collapse your lung.
"I'm flirty"
Always liked me a Mother Goose!
Got a Glock full of ammo!
Got a brotha full of protein!
Now you say I took advantage?
You singing that song is old news.
Your audience boos cause your actings so bad.
You’re just feeling sensitive.
I was the best you ever had!
When my money was funny you was on the runny.
But now my paper go long like DeSean
Now you’re on your chummy but I swear I’m too busy waxing.
Hit the booty like a tour of duty!
Rhyme 3
Peter Peter pumpkin eater
turned out to be a wife beater.
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.
Jack jumped over your cousin’s Dick!
Humpty Dumpty sat on his rumpty
Lazy as hell, under a spell.
Georgie Porgie put it in pie?
All his words a strung out lie!
Keeping it up. Holding it down.
Rolling the dice. It’s spinning around.
That’s how we ride. That’s how we roll.
Okay? 3X


“So sad? But I’m glad!”

Bet on Black! 3X

*You are my nursery rhyme!*

"You are my nursery rhyme gone bad!"




Music production: Jesse Lee Bowens


Written and performed by Ally Matulli


Rap written by Jesse Lee Bowens and performed by "Preacha"



Touching down in California met this man named "Big boy blue."
His face grinned from ear to ear, said
"Hey ma'am, how do you do?"
Pearly whites, plaid shirt,
cowboy boots and green eyes too.


Rising up from the edge of the bar,
grab my ass, hit the dance floor!


Bad boy, bad behavior
Just the way I like em
Bad, bad, boy!

Bad boy, bad behavior
Hit the dance floor 
Ya know I want more!


Settled down in San Francisco.
Pack Heights home with Big boy blue.
Got hitched, emotionally disabled.
No more smiling, just watching cable.
Predictability. Bad boy come set me free.
Sleepwalking through my life.
Lost in routine, do ya know what I mean?


Flying out to New York City
separated from my Big boy blue.
Met this man with a dangerous smile.
All of his lies cause all of my cries!
Just the way we like it.
Girls on the run, we look for the guy..
Ya know? The bad boy on the run,
the one we call fun!


Every time bae walk through the door
she do the booty bobble like a whore.
She want a nigga to get it 
but if preacha eva hit it,
like O. J. I'm (a-quit-it.)

Why you hang wit Dana?
regula Raina,
no one can tame ya!
You know you walked this way before.
So what's it gonna gain ya?

Left home wit ya biddie bag',
why ya frontin' like a scaliwag',
Tried to talk to ya before
but you ain't want the good',
you only want the bad.

Tried to tell you on low that brotha's
don't want a joint that every other nigga had.
You ain't want the juice..(laugh)
So stick wit the bad!



Written and performed by Ally Matulli

Music produced and arranged by Jesse Lee Bowens Jr.


1st verse:


It's easy to know when you're empty.
It's easy to know when the light inside has dimmed.
In the moments you cry.
It's easy to know when you're broken.
The one you once loved has torn you apart
with lies and deceit.


I just wanna lay down and sleep.
I  just wanna start counting sheep.
I just wanna...

who you are.

2nd verse:

It's easy to know when you're empty
It's easy to feel the pain simmering..
through your veins...
It's easy to know when you're frightened
It's easy to feel your heart jumping
in your chest...

3rd verse:

It's easy to fly when your dying
You just spread your arms out and
soar into the sky.




When you're empty it's real
When you're empty you feel
When you're empty you almost want to die.

"The emptiness is in your head.
The emptiness paralyzes your bed."

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