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Written and Performed by Jesse L Bowens Jr.

Produced by Jesse L Bowens Jr.

1st Verse

Time can mend your wounds causing one to learn.
It's a sign of maturity and now you yearn
for the one who will sweep you off your feet.

Yearn for the one who will knock you off your seat.

(But now your due..)


Due, due for two..

due for two, I'll do for you.

2nd verse:

Days turn into nights and nights into years
Years to find that one who'll wipe your tears
Tears from the pain from the ones who left you scorned
And from the lies from the one who left you torn.

3rd verse:


Women come out to play everwhere I roam
The games that people play will leave you all alone
In the world which pulls us each and every way
In the world in which each mistake makes you pay

(But now your due..)
(Long overdue..)


Is it possible to learn to control your pain?
Do the thoughts inside your head drive you insane?
Do you yearn to find the one who will set you free?
Just keep pushing to find compatibility

(Long overdue..)

Don't you know your due
Don't you know your due for two?

And your sitting home all alone waiting there by the phone
to ring?  Just disconnect it, and get out there and do your thing!


Written produced and performed by: Jesse Bowens Jr.
Background vox: Camille and Jesse Bowens Jr.


(Yo, that was like the weirdest dream
I ever had it my life)

I saw you in my dream.
You were so severely capitvating.
Aw! Your skin was so.. silkly smooth.
Sensual lover in a sexual mood.

And you can have all of me.
You're the only one I want.
You're the only one I need.
The girls got me paying my dues.
Girls got me changing my rules
When I thought I lost my way
you brought me back. Yes you did.
Oh! Yes you did. 3X


I became you, you became me.
We were each other, time stopped so suddenly.
Now it's only we. We became one.
In thought in mind. In body and soul.
Two halfs make a whole. 
(That's what they do, they make a whole)
A physical union. A holy communion. 
When you thought you lost your way, I brought you back. 
You brought me back. Now I'm saying, "I do."


I do.  I do.
Now I'm saying
I do.  I do.


Written, produced and performed by Jesse L Bowens

Background vocals: Camille

Spoken intro:

Yo, what's bae?


Them fools at the job bothering you again bae?

Well, you already know what's that all about right?

They just hatin' cuz you fine and you mine.

They just waiting for a brutha to slip up so they can shoot they shot!

You know how that go.

They just don't know what we got.

Or rather, they know but they just envious of the things I do for you and our love thang!

That's all.

I'm gonna have to take you away from here.

Pack your bags!

1st verse:


It's summertime, and it's about time for us
to get away from the fuss, of life, no strife
no worry, lets go!


Barbados.  We far away from the haters
that hate us, (ooh) and you know we don't care
Cuz we our both here, and they're there..
You get what you like!


If that's what you like

Then that's what you get! 2X

If that's what she likes
Then that's what she gets! 2x

Dubai.  It's about time that we fly
to Dubai.  Say goodbye to confliction
There's no room for that
in Dubai.  And now we laughing.

Cuz when you know that you beat us
but you know you can't join us round here!
And we know that you care, we see you tweeting
saying what you don't know actin' Joe!

Gonna fly to Bahamas! x2

Spain! Portugal!

Pack your bags and get ready to go!

Virgin Islands! Tokyo!



She lead me on leash, Cuz she got that peach.
When I bring the wood, she got the good good.
When bodies connect, and we getting set.
Then there is no doubt, How its gonna turn out.


And when the rendevous and done and through.
All attention will be given to you.
My solemn promise of what I'll do.
I'm gonna give it, gonna give it to you.

Gonna give it to you! Baby!
I want to, I want to!
Go home and tell ya mama!
Go on!

Hey hater, how ya like me now?

(There always gonna be haters yo!)

Fade it out.

(Gonna give it to you!)

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